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We’re small, but mighty.

At Eos BioAnalytics, we are scientists first. We constantly experiment with our techniques to make sure our capture rates and reliability indexes are the best in the business. We aim to be the industry leader when it comes to precision biological assay work.
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About Our Technology

We use only the highest quality equipment to conduct our assays, including:
Meso Scale

Electrochemiluminescent technology

(QUICKPLEX SQ 120; Meso Scale Discovery) which offers greater sensitivity than most standard immunoassays and it allows us to simultaneously quantify multiple related biomarkers in a single sample (i.e., multiplexing).
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays

Industry gold-standard enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays

(ELISAs) to quantify analytes not yet validated for electrochemiluminescent technology. This flexibility allows us to offer a broad range of quantitative assay services using the highest quality products available.

We are also on a mission to be industry leaders when it comes to transparency and accessibility. This is why we provide instant quotes and hassle-free guidance to new researchers who are trying to identify the best biological measures for their studies. For those researchers who still have questions or concerns, we offer a free community forum or they can talk to one of the researchers on our team.

Easy. Hassle-free. Transparent.
Eos BioAnalytics is your hands-on research partner. We offer our clients and their biological samples the careful, individualized attention they deserve. And because we are intentionally small, we are able to do this while maintaining the strictest quality control standards in the business.
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